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I hate it

I don’t even want to post about it because I dislike it so much but I learned a lot. I’ve learned I’m terrible at trying to recreate realistic butterflies. I get too caught up in details and you can see in the top right monarch how south it went. 

My colors don’t go well together. Next time I’ll make sure to decide colors before and mix them or at least limit the pallete so it looks more intentional.


I was already unhappy with it at this stage so then I thought, “maybe it’ll get better with more detail” and so I went in trying to add more realistic pattern and fills in the wings. Another bad idea. 


Now, it’s just too dark for my tastes. And the strokes I put on paper create a messy painting that looks like it was suppose to be very tightly rendered. 

This one wasn’t fun to paint either. I was trying to do too much at once so it stressed me out instead of let me have the freedom I usually feel when I’m painting.

NEXT, please. 

Ann L. AlcasabasComment